Questions for Small Group Discussion

Based on the sermon of January 14, 2018 – Exodus 23:20-33 “On Our Side”

1. If a biographer 50 years from now were writing about your life, what is a story the author would include to illustrate God’s blessing in your life?

2. What are some points of discussion from Sunday’s sermon? Did any ideas presented especially resonate with you?

3. Being at Mt. Sinai must have been a very spiritually impactful experience for the Hebrews. Have you ever experienced a spiritual “mountain top”? In what ways are such experiences beneficial? Are they dangerous in any ways?

4. Read Exodus 23:20-33. Israel would never again experience the nearness of God in quite the same way as they did at Sinai. What was unique about that experience?

5. In what ways did God seek to prepare them for being sent forth as his covenant people? What challenges would they face when they left Sinai? What challenges would they face when they arrived at Canaan? What challenges would they face once they had settled in the Promised Land?

6. What are some of the promises God gave to his covenant people in this passage? On what did the promises depend? What made the gods of the Canaanites so dangerous? To what extent did   Israel experience what was promised once they were in the Promised Land?

7. Pastor Pat said that God’s promises sometimes involve an “already - not yet.” What did he mean by that? What was the “already – not yet” experience of the Hebrews? In what areas might Christians experience the “already - not yet” in regard to God’s promises?

8. Do you agree with Pastor Pat said it is a mistake to take Old Covenant promises and “claim them as our own” in specific terms? How are New Covenant promises different from Old Covenant promises?

9. What are some promises to Christians that are especially meaningful to you? 

10. God wanted to prepare the Hebrews to live as his covenant people in Canaan. What are some places “where you live” that it’s important for you to intentionally live as part of Christ’s covenant people?