Questions for Small Group Discussion

 Based on the sermon of May 6, 2018 – “Defeating Depression”

1. Most of us have lived through some sad circumstances in our lives. Tell about one example you have experienced. In retrospect, did you learn anything from the experience?

2. In your thinking, what were some of the key points from Sunday’s  sermon? What are some ideas that deserve further discussion here in our group?

3. Why would God include sadness in our emotional makeup? Many experts agree that serious forms of depression are on the rise in our society. What are some factors that might be contributing to this trend?

4. When do sadness and depression become dangerous? What should a person do who finds themselves in that “dark place”? What are some ways you could help a friend who is there?

5. Some people have the notion that truly spiritual Christians should never struggle with depressive emotions. Do you agree? Is it ever appropriate for a person who trusts the Lord to get medical and psychological help for depression?

6. Read the account of Elijah’s emotional “crash” in 1 Kings 19. What clues are there that Elijah was in fact depressed? What factors led to this emotional state? How did God work to bring him out of this “dark place”?

7. Pastor Pat said that sometimes sadness is a prompt to give attention to God. Is this our natural tendency? Why is it so important to seek closeness to God when we are sad or depressed?

8. Some emotions, including sadness and depression, can get us “stuck” in a self-defeating cycle. How does the Holy Spirit work to break the cycle? What are steps we can take to move beyond sadness and depression.

9. Read Psalm 43:5. What insights on sadness and depression can be drawn from this verse? Which of the 4 questions Pastor Pat asked (How is the balance of your life? Are you giving attention to God? Is there action you need to take? Who do you need to stick close to that can help you through this time?) did you find most helpful?

10. How can we help each other handle times of sadness and depression?