Questions for Small Group Discussion

Based on the “Celebration of Praise & Thanksgiving” on November 19, 2017

1. When you were a child, how did your parents try to instill gratitude (or at least the good manners) to say “Thank you.” How do (did) you teach your children the importance of saying “Thanks”?


2. What were some things people shared on Sunday that spoke to you? Did you find yourself wanting to share something that you didn’t? Take time to share testimonies and stories of thanks.


3. Why is giving thanks so important for us as believers? Why is it necessary not only to feel gratitude but to outwardly express words of thanks toward God as a testimony to others?


4. Read Psalm 95. What are some reasons to give thanks to the Lord? What special relationship with the Lord is reflecting in giving thanks? How is the second part of the psalm, 7b – 11, related to giving thanks?


5. It has been said that as Americans celebrate “Thanksgiving,” many are prone to give thanks to no one in particular. What makes giving thanks to the Lord hard for some people? How hard is it for you?


6. Read 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. How are joy, prayer, and giving thanks related? What does it mean to give thanks in everything?


7. Giving thanks looks back to what God has done, but there is also a sense in which it looks forward to what God will do. What are some things you would like to be able to thank God for in a year or six months?


8. Take some time to thank the Lord in prayer, and to thank him in advance for some of the ways you anticipate him working in the coming  days, weeks and months.