Questions for Small Group Discussion

Based on the sermon of September 24, 2017 – “Initiating Spiritual Conversations”

1. What are some things you really enjoy talking about? If you were to try to engage in conversation with a new acquaintance, what are some things you would be likely to talk about?

2. As you reflect on Sunday’s sermon, what points stood out to you? Overall, how did the sermon impact you (emotionally, attitudinally, behaviorally, spiritually, etc.)?

3. Pastor Pat said that often the reason we don’t initiate spiritual conversations is fear. Do you agree? What kind of fears do you experience when you think about initiating spiritual conversations?

4. Read Matthew 5:13-16. Based on the passage, how would you define “distinctiveness” and “dispersion”? Why are both important? How do they balance each other?

5. Think about your own contact with unbelievers. Do you think those contacts are the sort that might lend themselves to significant conversations? What are some ways you can broaden those contacts?

6. As you think about initiating spiritual conversations, what would your motives be?

7. Have you ever “missed the boat” because of assumptions? Why is it becoming more and more a mistake in our society to make assumptions about a person’s understanding of basic spiritual truths? What kinds of spiritual truths must a person grasp before they could respond intelligently to the message of the gospel?

8. What are some ways prayer and the expression of thankfulness for God’s blessings can help in initiating spiritual conversations?

9. Why is context so critical when it comes to initiating spiritual conversations? Which of the sample questions Pastor Pat provided seem most useable to you? Do you have some questions of your own in mind?

10. Who are some people you would like out group to pray for, that you hope to be able to initiate spiritual conversations with?