Sunday Messages
To download or listen to this last Sunday's sermon, click in the box below. Archived audio messages from Sunday morning worship can also be accessed below.

• You can view and print Small Group Discussion Questions online .

• You can view information in the latest New Life Notations online (our weekly bulletin).

Have you read through the entire bible?  Having a plan for your reading can be very helpful.  We have listed several here that you can print out to use as you dig into the scripture.

  • This Discipleship Journal page features a plan that has 25 readings each month, allowing time for further study or for catching up.  This plan includes readings from four areas each day - the Old and New Testament, plus readings from Psalms, Proverbs, and/or Isaiah. They also include a few other plans on their site.
  • The Bible Project has a daily reading plan plus video overviews of each book that you can watch as you begin that section of scripture. 


• Here are some links that you might find of interest.

Our Daily Bread daily devotional

A daily Bible reading (NIV)