In the early 1990's, a group of men began meeting every Saturday morning to pray to God to bring a new Christ-centered, Biblically-based church to the area. They prayed that many would come to know Christ as the result of the new work. In 1995 God led a family from the Wanamingo area to First Baptist Church in West Concord. Small group Bible studies were formed in Wanamingo, involving both members from the West Concord area and Wanamingo.

In 1997, Pastor Pat Phinney and the leadership at First Baptist in West Concord (now called Faith Community Church) began to explore the possibility of a ministry in the Wanamingo area.  Wanamingo seemed to be a promising area for ministry. A Bible study called “Experiencing God” by Henry Blackaby emphasized engaging in ministry where God is already at work, and the leadership recognized He was at work in Wanamingo.

God began to move! In 1998 Pastor Pat Phinney, the senior Pastor of First Baptist, sensed a calling really to become a church planter. First Baptist recognized this call, and a Steering Committee was formed in February of 1998 to explore the possibility of a church plant in Wanamingo. In July of 1998 the congregation of First Baptist overwhelmingly voted to go ahead with the church plant. In October of 1998, Pastor Pat Phinney was commissioned as  “church planter” and the associate pastor at First Baptist, David Breederland, was installed as the new senior pastor. Pastor Pat established an office on Main Street in Wanamingo in September 1998. The new congregation would be called New Life Church.

In January of 1999, a core group of eleven couples was formed and met weekly at the Wanamingo Fire Hall for a period of four months. These families from the Wanamingo and West Concord areas met Sunday evenings for prayer and training.  A “soft launch” was done in April of 1999, meeting at the Kenyon-Wanamingo Elementary School in Wanamingo. The intent was to involve the core group and friends in “practice” worship services. But immediately the church began to grow. God provided in many ways, including bringing talented musicians to accompany the singing each Sunday.

  The church’s “Grand Opening” was held for the public on September 12,
  1999. Approximately 140 people attended the Grand Opening Celebration. 

  In January 2000 New Life Church was officially incorporated and constitution and bylaws
  were approved by the congregation. The first church officers and elder board
  were elected. The church continued to grow.

  Early in 2002, church leadership began to pray about obtaining property for a church
  building, but decided to wait for a clearer sense from the Lord. In July of 2003, the
  Foursquare organization offered to sell the Family Christian Center to the church. After
  prayer, discussion and investigation, the church made an offer on the facility. In January of
  2004 the purchase was finalized, and
  completely paid off by December 31, 2005.

Pastor Phinney resigned in October of 2004. A Search Committee was formed, and on July 3, 2005 the congregation called Patrick McBride of Golden, CO as pastor. He and his family moved to Wanamingo and Pastor McBride began his ministry here on August 28, 2005.

Pastor McBride has led the church as it has strengthened its ministry. Some of the ministries developed over the past several years include those targeted at families, youth, children, women, and small groups. The church has also sent many teams to the Dominican Republic, where they have been involved in hands-on missionary work.

The heart of our church has always been outreach, heartfelt worship, loving one another, and the teaching of the Bible. We are praising God for His faithfulness in meeting our needs, and we are thankful to the members of First Baptist Church (Faith Community Church) in West Concord for stepping out in faith and supporting this new work. We rejoice in the people who have come to know Christ and those who have grown as his followers. We anticipate the Lord continuing to use us to help people find forgiveness, peace, purpose and joy in Jesus Christ.