Questions for Small Group Discussion

 Based on the sermon of March 24, 2019 – Matthew 26:36-56 “Your Will Be Done”

1. Do you remember any prayers you prayed as a young person that God did not answer in the way you had hoped? What did you learn from that experience? How about as an adult?

2. What are some points from Sunday’s message that prompted some serious thought for you? Are there ideas from the sermon you would like to discuss together?

3. Read Matthew 26:36-56. Why did Jesus and the disciples go to the Mount of Olives and Gethsemane? What caused the distress and grief Jesus felt?

Why did Jesus feel such an urgency to pray at this point?

Why did the disciples not share in this sense of urgency?

4. What did Jesus ask the Father? Was he wavering regarding his determination to fulfill the Father’s purpose for his life?

5. Pastor Pat said that “Your will be done” is at the very core of how Jesus taught us to pray. What did he mean? (See Matthew 6:10.) How important is it to have an attitude of submission as we pray?

Why are “Your will be done” words of profound trust? When are those words hardest to sincerely include in our prayers?

6. Why did Jesus let himself be betrayed and arrested? What is so ironic about the way Judas signaled who the mob should arrest?

7. What are some ways Jesus’ experience at Gethsemane speaks to you? In what ways might Jesus’ prayer “Your will be done” be good to include in your prayers?