Questions for Small Group Discussion

 Based on the sermon of May 19, 2019 – Matthew 17:1-27 “Drawing Back the Curtain”

1. Why can first impressions or judging a person by appearance be misleading? Tell about a person who turned out to be quite different from your first impression of them.

2. What are some concepts from Sunday’s message that might be worth us discussing together? Did any of the sermon’s points especially get your attention?

3. Read Matthew 17:1-13. What does it mean to say that Jesus was “transfigured before them”? Why do you suppose this occurred at this point in the ministry of Jesus? (See Luke 9:31.) For whose benefit was this experience given?

4. Why do you suppose Moses and Elijah appeared with Jesus?

What was the response of the disciples? How did this experience impact them? What did God want them to learn from this occurrence?

Why did Jesus order them not to tell anyone about what had happened until after he was raised from the dead?

5. Read Matthew 17:14-20. What kind of malady did the man’s son suffer from?

Why were the 9 disciples unable to cure the child?

How did their “littleness of faith” hinder them? When has “littleness of faith” hindered you?

What did Jesus mean when he said, “nothing will be impossible for you” in verse 20? See also Philippians 4:13. Do we need to add some qualifiers?

6. Read Matthew 17:22-27. Why did Jesus keep reminding the disciples of what was ahead for him?

7. Why do you think Matthew included to story of the two-drachma temple tax? What would Peter have learned from this incident? How does this story contrast with the transfiguration story told at the beginning of the chapter?

8. Describe an occasion when you have had a “glimpse of glory” – a special sense of the presence or goodness of God. Why is faith more important for the believer?