Questions for Small Group Discussion

 Based on the sermon of November 17, 2019 – “Great Questions: Who is like You among the gods?” Exodus 15:11

1. What are your plans for the Thanksgiving holiday? What are some reasons you are particularly grateful to the Lord? If you were to try to identify one “mighty act” of God in your life over the past year, what would it be?

2. As you think about Sunday’s sermon, what are some points that really got you thinking? Were there any ideas presented in the message that you would like to discuss together?

3. Read Exodus 15:1-11. In the events leading up to the singing of the praise song, what sort of emotions had the Children of Israel experienced? Now that the ordeal was over, what prompted them to join together in this song of praise to the Lord?

4. What do we learn about God in this passage? What had the Hebrews come to realize about the Lord? When the song asked God the question, “Who is like You among the gods, O LORD?” what point was being made? Why do you think this question, in various forms, is repeated so often in Scripture, especially the Psalms?

5. Pastor Pat said that the Exodus was not just a human struggle; it was a battle of the gods. In what sense is that true?  What were some of God’s purposes in the experience of the Exodus? How did God show his superiority to the Egyptian pantheon? Why was the Passover especially a judgment on the gods of Egypt, as Exodus 12:12 predicts?

6. What are some ways the true God is greater than any other supposed god? If someone asked you, “What’s so special about the God Christians worship?” what would you say?

7. Read Colossians 2:15. Who are the “rulers and authorities”? How did God triumph over them and show that none of them were like him?

8. What “gods” do people serve today? What are some ways the Lord might show that none of them are like him?

9. What are some practical ways we can live out the truth that there is no one like the Lord?